Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rock-N the Boat

There is no time like the present.

Over this past summer I was a CRAZY blog stalker and learned a lot about The Daily Five.  I caught the fever.  I was so disappointed with my reading block last year that I knew I had to change it up.
I bought the book, read it in two days.

 I was SOLD.

I didn't know how I was going to do it.  I just knew that I was.  I was beside myself with excitement. 
So much so, that I convinced my bestie co-worker to take the plunge with me. 
She caught the fire too. 

We are smoldering!!!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE The Daily Five!  It is the best thing since sweet tea!

We love D5 so much that we tossed the idea around about implementing something similar in math.  (We use Go Math)

Well, my bestie co-worker (Adventures in First With Mrs. Key) came to me yesterday and said, "Let's Do It!"

I agreed. 

She was willing to jump with me.  Who am I not to return the favor?! :) 

Here we go, wish us luck!  If any of you implement something similar to D5 during your math block, I can use ALL the help I can get!

 Resources are WELCOME!

Please share! 

On another note:
I put together a Go Math Chapter 3 Review/Study Guide (2pgs).  Thought I'd share just in case you might be able to use it.

                                                      Chapter 3 Review

 Things My Kids Say:   Mrs. Forehand announced, "Boys and girls, we don't have time to stop by the bathroom before lunch. So, I'm going to give you a squirt of hand sanitizer.  The alcohol in it will kill all those yucky germs."

"Mrs. Forehand, my momma drinks alcohol.  I didn't know beer could kill germs!" exclaimed a very bright little girl.

 Many hushed whispers went around the room.
("Her mom drinks beer?"  "What's beer?"  "You can drink alcohol?) 

Mrs. Forehand smiled ever so sweetly, "Sweetie, it's not the same kind of alcohol.  Now, let's go eat lunch."

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  1. Have you thought of using Ipads? or do you already use them? Using reading applications the students read a story and the story is read back to them. The characters in the stories interact with them as they read which motivates them. There are math applications too. Just four of five Ipads in the classroom would be great as students can partner with other students and share in the reading. It builds their vocabulary. However,they can be expensive yet worth it. Just an idea or resource I thought to share. Have a wonderful year with reading! Mom


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