Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wow What a Weekend!

To kick things off, I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning house/getting ready for my hubby's birthday bash/Alabama game throw down.
We had a blast, complete with my little sis scaring the bajeezus out of about twelve kids. At around 9pm I noticed she had disappeared along with all of the kids. I found her in the kitchen telling the kids about the very nasty and scary goat man.  Please let me make a note here that she is going on thirty, yet found this highly entertaining.
Ten minutes later we here a mob of kids headed to the shop (where our festivities were being held) screaming "mommy mommy the goat man is coming!"
It was so funny awful! How dare she do that!   The kids laughed, parents glared laughed it was all in good fun.
Sunday I awoke to 50 pounds of grass so gracefully tracked into my house from the night before, lesson plans, and a PowerPoint to write for the second time (Braden accidentally deleted the first one.) ARGH!
I managed the lesson plans and the PowerPoint... I decided to skip out on the grass and do a movie instead! I mean who cares? That grass will still be there, right?! ;)
Batman was awesome! I'm such a superhero fan! I do have to admit that it crossed my mind "what if someone came in this theatre with a gun? What would I do? ".  It can be a very scary world out there, but we can't stop living or live in fear.
Live and let live! Enough said.

Let the count down to Fall Break begin!!!! Two weeks and counting!!!

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