Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let me start by saying, yes! I know I'm only supposed to post ONCE a day, but I wanted to invite you into my world! Happy peeking!

Last night I took Braden (my 7yr. old) to a Boy Scout meeting and when we got home I had an official Cub Scout. A Wolf to be exact.  He was SO EXCITED! 
There is a camping trip scheduled for Oct. 20th and he insisted on packing LAST night.  He did not care that it is a month away. He needed Band-Aids for his friends (just in case they cut themselves with pocket knives) at THAT very moment. 
Now, I must say that Braden has never shown any interest in sports-you heard me right-never ever!
Seeing him this excited has totally guilted me into believing that YES I can bait a hook, and YES I can take a fish off the line, and YES I can sleep on the ground-without my feather bed!  

Honestly, Really, No joke-I am happy he has found something he is interested in and excited about. 
Monday we get to meet everyone in the Pack and find out who our Den leader is.  (I feel like I should be scratching or licking something ;) haha! )

It's amazing what you will do to see that your children are happy.
That holds true for my own two children, as well as, the 18 I teach everyday. 

Until tomorrow
Ow Ow Owooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  1. I love that little fella! I'm so glad he found something to enjoy!


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